Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my voice go hoarse?

You are speaking or singing at a loud volume with a closed throat and no air flowing through the vocal cords/folds

Why does my voice crack?

You are blocking the air flow to the vocal folds due to a closed throat or a palate down or tongue too far back.

Why should I NOT 'mark' my voice?

You are causing the muscles to constrict. You are preventing the vocal folds from comign together. Whispering is the enemy.

Why do I sound nasally?

You are inhaling through your nose and keeping your soft palate, uvula, and pharyngeal areas down.

Why can't I sing high notes?

You need to learn how to use all commands and the cricothyroid tilt (CT) that stretches the vocal folds for achieving upper ranges.

How do I project my voice?

You need to learn how to use all the Commands, including the thyroarytenoid (TA) to lean for low notes.

Why can't I sustain a phrase?

You need to learn how to inhale in all six areas and exhale properly in order to control the air flow.

Why do I feel a choking sensation when I talk or sing?

Your throat is closed. Or your tongue is sliding backward pressing on the larynx.

What if I don't see my question above?

Feel free to ask Chrissellene directly! You can ask her questions at