Research and Science of Vocal Production

Vocal Mastery™ was developed because of Chrissellene's passion and drive to make a detour from her road to vocal failure and find the way to the strongest road to breathing and vocal production.

Her goal was to research the science involved with vocal production. 

She rebuilt her voice and decided to help all singers and actors to know how their voice functions. 

Ms. Petropoulos has worked extensively with medical doctors, whose assistance she has employed in the scientific research for her book The Technical Commands to Vocal Mastery.™ 

"Seeing is believing! This summer, Chrissellene Petropoulos invited me to her PowerPoint presentation. Fiber Optic Laryngoscopy and Magnetic Resonance SOUND VIDEO Imaging allows us to view what the body is doing in "real time" and what we can achieve.


Ms. Petropoulos has demonstrated an important direct link between scientific research and clinical/professional outcomes. Her research has tremendous implications for enhancing the skills of singers, actors and those with vocal pathology. Through her research, insights and technical commands, Ms. Petropoulos has proven that we can truly build, strengthen, and change the muscles involved in breathing, speaking and singing. I strongly encourage you to view her presentation." 


~Laura Rubinoff. M.S.,CCC 

           Speech-Language Pathologist Diagnosis and treatment of speech, language and learning disabilities educational advocacy on behalf of families and children.