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The 7 Commands to Vocal Mastery, The 7 Wonders of the Vocal World

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Build Your Voice, Build Your Confidence
Vocal Mastery Academy is Growing

For over 38 years, Chrissellene G. Petropoulos’s evidence-based approach builds and strengthens the foundation of the voice for consistency and endurance.


Her confidence strategies help you to build a shield against interfering emotions, no matter the age, experience, or performing style for students of the Vocal Mastery Academy Studio.

Coming soon, anybody, anywhere can learn this incredible, evidence-based system. The upcoming Vocal Mastery Academy Online is truly the last vocal technique course you will ever have to take.

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Tim Rogan Actors Connection Headshot.jpg

Tim Rogan, Actor/Singer

("Maestro," "Blue Bloods," "Ever After") 

"There is only one vocal technician I trust to teach me how to sing a show eight times a week without fatigue, and that is Chrissellene Petropoulos."


Sammy Hakim, Singer/Songwriter

("Mark Me," "Fearless," "Tuck Me In") 

"I would recommend [Chrissellene's] talents to anyone, even if you're not a singer, she can work wonders on your life; if you are a singer, she will have you singing beautifully for the rest of your life."

Alan Paul Headshot.jpg

Alan Paul, Theater & Opera Director

(Artistic Director, Barrington Stage Company) 

"The Commands outline the most straightforward method for protecting, strengthening, and maintaining your voice so you won't have to worry about it again!"


Noah Robbins, Actor

("...Kimmy Schmidt," "Grease: Live!," "To Kill a Mockingbird") 

"I wouldn't have been able to project on a Broadway stage, which I had to do a year later, if it weren't for the Commands."

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