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Confidence Building

Your Mind-Set: "Performance Mode"

Performance Mode is a state of mind that shields and allows one to take both positive and negative criticism objectively rather than personally.


Performance Mode is a confidence building tool that has helped countless students succeed in their chosen field.


Chrissellene originally created Performance Mode because of her lack of emotional self-control. She discovered how her emotions directly affected her voice.

Master Performance Mode and You Will:

  • Build confidence.

  • Build self-worth. 

  • Accept criticism without taking it personally.

  • Overcome nerves.

  • Take direction and corrections without getting frustrated.

  • Consistently maintain a positive attitude and find solutions to problems in your workplace.

  • Take responsibility for your behaviors. 

  • Think: “I am good enough. I can do anything I set my mind to!”

  • Contribute to creating a positive, drama-free workplace.

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"Petropoulos realized that the way she was experiencing the feedback was destroying her performance skills. She started to study the impact that stress has on vocal cords and was stunned. She learned to interpret criticism as something directed at her skills, not her value as a person."

-Katty Kay & Claire Shipman,

The Confidence Code

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