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Voice Lessons

Chrissellene teaches students of all ages who have different performing goals.

  • Each lesson is tailored to the unique requirement of the student. 

  • Students are singers or actors who are serious professionals.

  • Community theatre performers who just want to have fun! 

  • Some students wish to work only on their confidence.

Regardless of their goals, building confidence, (Performance Mode) and the science-based vocal technique, (The Commands) will help the student overcome any vocal challenges and show them how their emotions affect the voice.

This science-based vocal system not intended to discuss musicianship, artistry, interpretation, movement, acting, stage presence, and the many other necessary aspects of performance.


It is intended to give you the tools necessary to be able to have control over all the demands and requirements of a singing career.


"I began studying with Chrissellene on my 40th birthday.  My primary goal was to get through more than 10 minutes of a community chorus rehearsal without going hoarse. 

Within the first few months she helped me begin to discover high notes I never thought I’d be able to sing and told me I’d be able to sing the Queen of the Night someday... Five years later I performed the role..."

-Denise Young


To the Students of Vocal Mastery

I have the most respect and admiration for you. My teaching comes from personal success, failure and determination to never allow any of you to go through your performing lives without the foundational skills necessary in order to survive your demanding careers.


Once you have mastered emotional and technical endurance, you can achieve anything.



- Melody Stevens


Voice/Music Teacher

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