Voice Lessons

Your Voice Doesn't Come With Instructions.


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Chrissellene teaches students of all ages who have different performing goals.

Each lesson is tailored to the unique requirement of the student. 

Some are serious professionals, and some just want to have fun! 

Some are singers and others are actors. 

Regardless of their goals, all students will work towards:


1. Evidence-based vocal technique (The Technical Commands)

2. Confidence building (Performance Mode)

The Approach

Building the Voice and Confidence 

1. The Technical Commands to Vocal Mastery™(Voice) is an evidence-based system that strengthens the foundation and technical ability of your vocal instrument to give you control and consistency no matter your age, experience, or performing style. Click here to learn more

Master the Commands and you will have:
  • Predictable and consistent high notes. 
  • The ability to project: to belt or have a chest voice. 
  • Head / Legit voice using different resonance / styles.
  • No cracking throughout range.
  • No more tension or hoarseness in the throat.
  • The choice to sing with a nasal or non-nasal sound.
  • Absolute control of air - ability to sustain long phrases.
  • Over two-octave range.
  • Clear Diction.
  • Dynamic and volume control.
  • Ability to have vocal endurance and stamina.
  • No more need for vocal rest.

2. Performance Mode (Confidence) teaches you concrete skills to not personalize anyone’s criticism. When you stop taking others' opinions personally you can build the confidence required for a successful career. Click here to learn more.

Master Performance Mode and you will:
  • Build confidence.
  • Build self-worth. 
  • Accept criticism without taking it personally.
  • Overcome nerves.
  • Take direction and corrections without getting frustrated.
  • Consistently maintain a positive attitude and find solutions to problems in your workplace
  • Take responsibility for your behaviors. 
  • Think: “I am good enough.”
  • Contribute to creating a positive, drama-free workplace. 

"The Commands have given me my voice back!"

To the Students of Vocal Mastery,

"I have the most respect and admiration for you. 

My teaching comes from personal success, failure and determination

to never allow any of you to go through your performing lives without the

foundation skills necessary in order to survive your demanding careers.


Once you have mastered emotional and technical endurance, you can achieve anything."



Please hit play button and slide to the number of your choice

Chrissellene preparing for performances

Richard Bosworth: accompanist



Greek Folk Song: "To Layoarni" (The Little Lamb by T. Spathy

5:15---10:00: "Ach Ich Liebte": Mozart

10:00---13:00: "Fantasie": Mahler

13:03---18:38: "Klange der Heimat": Die Fledermaus; Strauss

18:40---21:05: "L'heure Exquise": Faure

21:11----END: "Ah Forse Lui" : La Traviata; Verdi